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Unlocking the Power
of Connection

In a world where connection is more valuable than ever, discover how xixbi can help your organization thrive.

  • Evaluating potential candidates through behavioral profiling.

  • Increasing profitability and creating healthy cultures through employee development.

Apply the genius of behavioral preference intelligence

Through my work with your team using a proven, proprietary psychometric profiling tool, I help individuals become aware of their behavioral styles, communication preferences and areas where growth may be needed. I offer hourly, half-day and full day workshops focused on:
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Recruitment and Onboarding

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Leadership Development

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Managing Conflict

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Sales & Influencing

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Navigating Transition & Change

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Stress & Resilience

Companies that invest in the personal development of their workers have a 45% higher rate of employee retention.

Two-thirds of employees cited a good company culture as one of the main reasons they elect to stay in their current position.

CFOs say a bad hire can cost
up to 30% of the employee’s
wages for the first year.

Benefits to Your Team

  • Increase productivity

  • Leverage strengths within your team

  • Understand generational differences

  • Engage employees

  • Create team cohesion

  • Increase revenue

Embrace Talent Optimization

I help you find the right hire the first time
through behavioral profiling, eliminating costly mistakes, boosting employee engagement, and reducing employee turnover, saving you
time and money!

I perform assessments, provide essential interpretations to make sense of it all, work with individuals and key stakeholders to implement immediate improvements, make recommendations, and assist with adjustments
over time.

"Creating an environment in which the people in your charge feel like they are a part of something bigger than themselves is your responsibility as a leader."  - Simon Sinek

Why It Matters

The McKinsey Health Institute’s 2023 survey of more

than 30,000 employees across 30 countries found that

employees who had positive work experiences reported

better holistic health, are more innovative at work and have improved job performance.

Getting it right the first time helps avoid negative outcomes that many organizations face. Statistics show 30% of new hires leave within 90 days. Managers spend 17% of their time supervising poorly-performing employees.

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Why Work With Me

I have the unique ability to create rapport and build consensus quickly with individuals and groups. 
My years of experience working with teams allows me to bring a relational approach to my work. 
I will easily connect with you and your team to gain both short-term and long-term ROI.


1. Safe Environment

I create a safe environment
where teams and employees feel
valued for their unique gifts.

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2. Profiling Tool

Using a proprietary profiling tool,

I enhance self-awareness and
communication within your team.


3. Productivity Focus

My approach drives increased 
productivity and profitability

for your organization.

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Meet Elizabeth

Elizabeth envisions a world where every worker feels seen, known and valued. She is an accomplished leader with an impressive 25 years of experience of fostering connections between individuals while driving sales, recruitment and revenue. Her exceptional skill lies in comprehending multiple perspectives, allowing her to create an inclusive atmosphere where people from varying backgrounds and experiences feel not only welcome but also safe to express themselves fully.  Elizabeth's ability to cultivate an environment of openness and understanding creates increased productivity and generates higher revenue. She is an expert in vetting potential candidates for employment.

My WHY is to create a ripple effect of understanding and connection between people to build a more harmonious and compassionate world.

What my clients are saying

Elizabeth's passion for helping people thrive is authentic and infectious. As our business organization grows, I will continue to use the platform and Elizabeth to help build a healthy and efficient team where our individual differences are celebrated and aligned so that together we all thrive.

Brandon Melton

Chief People Officer

My recruiting and onboarding process has been revolutionized with the help of Elizabeth and her psycho-metric behavioral profiling work! Her ability to put language to a candidate's behavioral style is invaluable in the hiring process. Her expertise immediately allows me to see how a potential employee will be a fit (or not) for my team. Xixbi's services are now integral to my hiring process for every candidate in each of my regional offices. If you are tasked with talent acquisition - she is the person you need on your team.

AnnMarie Satriano

Owner & CEO

The C-Me color profiling has been an eye opening and validating experience, for me personally & for our whole team. 
We now see challenges as opportunities. When owners invest in their team, we can, in return, work cooperatively toward the common goal: growth & success in harmony. Elizabeth Sanders provides a wealth of knowledge & wisdom!

Heidi Caufield

Patient Care Coordinator

We have found immediate benefits! Our organization now has a common language for communicating across departments. I highly recommend Elizabeth Sanders and the C-me profile to any size organization that wants to uncover and develop each team member’s potential and raise the bar for excellence and performance in all facets of the business. 

Dana Chorpenning

President and CEO

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